#100 Lana Loxton – Restoring the Nervous System with Vedic Meditation

Explore the benefits and the wisdom that can be gained from one of the oldest and most globally prevalent forms of meditation – Vedic Meditation – with teacher Dr. Lana Loxton.

Lana, also a chiropractor, shares her journey to finding Vedic Meditation and the rigorous process she underwent to becoming a teacher. She also provides insight about what is actually involved in the technique.

What is of most interest from this discussion is the role our nervous system plays in defining our everyday experiences and the specific focus of Vedic Meditation on restoring the nervous system to reducing stress and improving our quality of life. Lana also put forwards the importance of developing a personal daily practise to create space and capacity so that we are not left at the whim of life or more importantly the reactions of our own nervous system.

Lana brings with her a wealth of lived experience with Vedic Meditation which makes this a very pragmatic and approachable conversation about this 5000-year-old practice.

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