#101 Tazz Wright – The Real Life of a Social Media Influencer

#101 Tazz Wright – The Real Life of a Social Media Influencer

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Social Media Influencer?

This week we go behind the scenes with Tazz Wright – prominent Perth influencer – who provides and very real and honest insight into the life behind the posts.

Tazz shares how, as a mother and model, she became a social media influencer and how she built her following to make an income from it.

Tazz also goes deep on how her life began to significantly differ from the one she was portraying and the impact it had on her personally which forced her to step away from social media for 2 years – highlighting one of her key points that influencers themselves are not exempt from the challenges of life regardless of what their profile might look like.

This is a very brave share from a wonderfully passionate woman who has to date kept her private life private. What is most interesting from the trials of her journey is the realisation of an inner need to return to something authentic and to have real connections to people beyond the output of a keyboard.

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