#102 Adam Jorlan – Engage with the Future

Truly engage with the future with Futurist and Innovation Strategist Adam Jorlan, who is also a leader of the Enkel Collective, which provides events and workshops for people to engage in a deeper level with the future and how it can change Western Australia.

Adam tells of how he became a futurist, how it is more of a calling than a career choice and provides insight into the actual work and the typical clients he works with.

Adam eloquently provides some simple models of relating to human learning that provides great context for deeper understanding of how we deal with change and therefore the future. He also talks about the barriers and frustrations that he sees individuals have in interacting and engaging with the future through his work.

What becomes clear from this conversation is the cyclical non-linear journey of growth and learning that underpins the human journey and how that growth will accelerate faster when we become more accepting of this truth and act in line with it.

Adam is a wonderfully deep-thinking man who is content to sow the seeds of change that may well only truly blossom after his own time has passed – which is the highest level of service.

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