#103 Richmond Heath – Tremoring: releasing trauma

Learn about impact of the tension we store in our bodies from our past and how to release it with Richmond Heath – the man who brought the Trauma Release Exercise Tremoring to Australia 10 years ago.

Richmond talks about his own chronic pain and fatigue that resided in his body and how he was thrown out of 10- day vipassana meditation retreat when is body literally re-awoke and began to move by itself – thus beginning his quest to understand more as to why this occurred.

Richmond is a hugely energetic and entertaining man who provides a wonderful mixture of technical knowledge with real lived examples and stories. He goes super deep and vulnerable to provide some very personal insights as to how he tracked the onset of physical patterns in his own body to past traumatic events and how he overcame the impacts.

Richmond also puts forward a fascinating concept of where our subconscious truly resides.

This is a gamechanger of a tool and one that is just as powerful as talk based therapy, so it is well worth listening and learning more.

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