#104 Elaine Olsen – Creating the Changemakers of Tomorrow  


Journey into the process of creating tomorrow’s changemakers with Elaine Olsen, founder of Fourth Space which creates space and guidance to shape the changemakers who will shape the world we will live in.

Elaine tells of the 3 pivotal events that influenced her awakening from her 20-year career in public sector government to work in a manner that made her feel truly feeling alive and creative and in turn lead to her focus with Fourth Space.

Elaine beautifully explains how the key elements to future changemakers rest with deeper levels of listening, questioning and connection to those around you in such a way that you are more open to new ideas, collaboration and actually feel moved to want to change from the inside out. It is focusing on the actual experience, letting go and leaning into what presents from the unknown that yields the most pertinent learnings and solutions rather than an overemphasis on results and outcomes.

This is a super powerful conversation from a wonderfully grounded lady that contains a deep sense of knowing about where we as human beings need to truly focus to yield the real answers that will shape a fundamentally different paradigm for a different tomorrow that is very required right now.

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