#107 Paul Holliday – The Human Excellence Project

This not only did I get the honour of listening to the story and lived knowledge of Paul Holliday but I also experienced firsthand the magic of his creation The Human Excellence Project.

Starting at 5.15am, I joined a large group to enjoy meditation, cold water exposure and then real conversations over a coffee.

Paul tells of how a culmination of losing his wealth in the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and the terminal cancer that took his father cracked him open to truly living life and serving those around him to reach the potential that lies within.

He shares the story of how the Human Excellence Project came to be, his coaching with men and the current state of ‘being a man’.

This podcast is truly packed full of golden life nuggets that are so beautifully and simply put forward by Paul who himself is a wonderfully magnetic character – something you’ll feel from the minute he begins to speak in this conversation!!

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