#108 Pieta Sharpe – The integrity behind Perth Happenings

Delve behind the scenes of Perth’s most prominent ‘What’s On?’ website, Perth Happenings, and into the stories of founder Pieta Sharpe.

With a focus on building a more connected community across WA, Pieta tells where the idea for Perth Happenings came from, how she has grown the platform and how she likes to champion small local events.

Pieta goes on to tell how she has found ‘her voice in the world’ through Perth Happenings and how she now expresses that more through her own personal social media channels. She talks about the state of social media, how she deals with haters as well as providing a fascinating example of the workings of mass media to present a rather singular view of society by excluding those who don’t fit their shape.

In addition to being super insightful from a business sense, this is a superbly authentic conversation with a very real lady who is at ease with owning where she is in life, sharing her observations and ‘going there’ to speak up to champion causes and challenge stereotypes.

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