#109 Paul Newsome – The balance between passion and burn out

This week we welcome back WA Real’s first ever guest Paul Newsome, founder of Swimsmooth, who opens up on his recent experience and realisation of being a workaholic.

Paul, a very driven and competitive man, very candidly shares how the re-occurrence of a major back injury minutes before departing on a family holiday was the entry in a very dark period that has brought about some very significant revelations about the manner in which he has been living his life and the required changes that he’s beginning to make.

We cover a variety of topics including the importance of sleep, how we carry stories from our childhood that shape how we live as adults, the nature of being very achievement focus and how we don’t necessarily listen to those closest to us.

The beauty of this conversation is that it freshly captures a superb example of someone waking up to the control and impact of the events and stories that lie deep within us. It captures how if left unchecked these events and stories can such a grip on us that it takes something major to bring them to light and shake us out of it.

What is clear by the end of the conversation is how this may just be the best thing to happen to Paul and his swim coaching despite being such a personally painful experience.

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