#110 Nicola Adams – Let’s talk about your death

There’s one common event that we will all face – our own death – yet how often do we truly engage with this fact and what are the implications to how we live our life?

Opening up the conversation about our own death while we have the space to do so that is the focus of this week’s guest Nicola Adams.

Nicola, an intensive care nurse, talks about her own direct experiences of death through her life and work as an ICU nurse and the implications of not facing this beforehand. She also talks about her own relationship with death and how she personally moved from not wanting to be here to wanting to enjoy life.

This is an easily accessible and far ranging conversation with a wonderfully engaging lady. Whether you believe we go on after this life or whether you think that this is it, the conversation challenges you to consider ‘how you want to die’ and how settling on your own truth on this matter that can actually reduce fear and bring a sense of ease to your life.

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