#112 Darryl Naidu – Creating a New Normal

In this conversation we follow some very deep thinking and consider some of the bigger issues and impacts of our behaviours with Darryl Naidu.

Darryl, a chartered engineer and a fantastic systems thinker, shares how he put his thinking to the test by creating New Normal Bar + Kitchen in Subiaco, which was built on the principles of providing seasonal local WA based food and beverages while reducing food related waste in the process.

This is a fascinating insight into the thinking of someone who has spent some quality time considering behaviour economics and impacts at a really quite deep level – both on a micro and macro level her in WA.

I believe taking the time to listen and truly engage with Darryl is well worth the time investment. He puts forward that his lack of emotionality helps his thinking, but I believe there’s actually a lot of emotion in there which, like his thinking, runs deep.

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