#114 Rebecca Dawson – You are the only thing that exists

In this conversation we explore accessing the wisdom that lies within and having the bravery to share this with the world with internationally renowned channel Rebecca Dawson.

Rebecca shares how she spontaneously became a channel, the impact it had on her life and how she stepped out to fully embrace her ability and make her living through it.

What becomes amazingly apparent, particularly as Rebecca explains what channelling actually is, is the fact that this is someone that we all can do – we all have the ability to access a vast wealth of information that exceeds our imagination; all we have to do is look inside not outside.

I found it an amazing privilege and treat that Rebecca took time to join me in the podcasting space to create such truly fascinating conversation packed with so much information. She is a hugely engaging, possibility provoking while playful lady.

More and more people around us, particularly here in WA, are waking up to greater capabilities and paradigms and this conversation talks a lot about that and begins to explore why.

One final point before you dive into this conversation – listen out for when Rebecca uses ‘I’ and ‘we’ because at times it’s not just Rebecca that’s talking………….

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