#115 Nick Eggleton – Optimal Expression of your Genes

If you are serious about taking responsibility of your health then you’ll really enjoy this, as I talk with health coach and Founder of Genelife Nick Eggleton.

Nick has a very experienced background in advertising and marketing, but it was when he started to take his own health more seriously did he begin to truly understand the role that his industry has played in selling and shaping less than healthy beliefs and behaviours – something that left him very angry.

It was this that was the catalyst behind him beginning his health coaching business Genelife, mission is to help you optimise gene expression through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

We cover epigenetics, how to switch on and off genes, stressors, diet, sleep and a whole lot more. Nick is a seriously well researched and read individual that’s bursting at the seems with knowledge and the further the conversation goes on the more his energy levels go up along with the fascinating gold nuggets – you can tell just how much this all means to him

While this is a very informative conversation, it’s also confronting – the conversation forces you to consider seriously your health and habits, not just for today but for the future.

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