#117 Ray Forlin – Our god is awesome

Step into living a life of faith with East Fremantle Baptist Church Paster, Ray Forlin.

It is in the retelling of his journey transitioning in his late 30s from a successful career in IT to become a pastor that Ray provides a truly fascinating living example of living with faith and having the bravery to listen and act on god’s word.

Ray puts forward that god is good, despite popular misgivings, and his love is always waiting patiently on the other side of ‘the door’ – all we have to do is open the door and let him in

We talk about need for a ‘third space’, after home and work, and the connection to community and something bigger than yourself and the benefits that brings to life. Ray also provides insights into the life of being a pastor and to walk along side his congregation.

This is a very approachable conversation that provides a very real insight into opening up and allowing faith into your life.

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