#118 Leanne den Hartog – End Of life Counsellor

Go to a place many wouldn’t with end of life counsellor Leanne den Hartog.

Leanne started life as a very logic based lady, originally trained as a librarian and a distinguished career with the Australian Bureau of Statistics. However, it was through a chance encounter with someone who helped her to connect with her ability as a Psychopomp and dealing with the passing of her own father that she began the journey as an end of life counsellor.

As an end of life counsellor, Leanne holds space for those in their end of days to fully engage with what is happening – often an isolating process as surrounding loved ones often struggle to fully be present due to their own issues with the confronting nature of someone else’s passing.

The conversation highlights the need to cease sweeping death under the carpet and for better ‘death education’ – to ask questions and reach on our own truth so that we are more equipped to face the inevitability of death and through that experience a life of more meaning.

One thing is for sure, none knows the answer to all of this until the time comes, however this conversation is a fantastic opportunity to engage with a lady who has gone further than most on this journey.

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