#119 Steve Aldridge – ReWilding Humans

Reconnect with living in line the laws of nature with Steve Aldridge, Founder of Wild Movement Perth.

Steve tells how, as a Personal Trainer, it was through his simple challenge of conventional held wisdom in this field that lead him to awaken from his ‘auto-pilot’ state and continue to ask wider focused questions that lead him to discover rewilding for himself and create Wild Movement Perth.

Packed full of insightful nuggets of how Steve lives and thinks, this conversation holds a mirror up to the fundamental disconnect that lies in the heart of our modern-day industrial and information driven existence and the impact it has on our health.

However, the conversation certainly doesn’t leave the listener stuck in this disconnect. It captures Steve’s wealth of knowledge, passion and drive leaving the listener with a clear route forward to close the gap and live a healthier lifestyle connect to nature and our surrounding environment.

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