#121 Paul Carter – The art of solid story telling

Enjoy a smorgasbord of truly amazing and captivating stories with author, speaker, storyteller and artist Paul Carter.

Told with great poise, irrelevance and certainly no political correctness, stories include the true nature of life on oil rigs and big oil before health and safety, the brutal reality of a desk job, becoming an acclaimed author with dyslexia, riding around Australia on the world’s first bike that runs on cooking oil, the baby joke that will get you in trouble, sharing a smoke with a primate and nearly dying on a National Geographic shoot as well as many many more.

However, this isn’t just one amazing story after another. Contained within this conversation there are solid truths, values and a firmness, particularly about the true nature of manhood, that I personally find missing currently.

This podcast isn’t for everyone, but I truly valued and enjoyed my time with Paul unapologetically.

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