#122 Eva Storey – Resilience Coaching with Nurses


Nursing is a role that we’ve all relied upon at some point in our lives, but what is it really like to be a nurse and what can we learn from this? Take a journey into the world and culture of nursing with Resilience and Nurse Coach Eva Storey.

Eva tells about her 36 years as a nurse in a variety of countries across the world, sharing fascinating stories from her journey and the challenges of the role. However, it is the insights into the nature of the culture and pervading operating paradigms of nursing that really set the context for the need for her new phase of her career as a Coach within nursing – something that is a very new in this field.

Eva talks about the need to put self-care first in order to provide sustainable quality care to others, creating a safe space to explore different, more human, conversations as well as how to coach resilience in such a demanding role.

Care has many faces beyond the traditional views many of us carry and this conversation with Eva, who’s own care for others particularly her fellow nurses, provides many clear and focused examples for anyone to implement in their own lives.

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