#124 Matt Bruce – How we carry trauma

This week we dive into the world of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, with ex SAS serviceman and now breathe work coach Matt Bruce.

Matt talks about escaping unhealthy male role models to join the army and how that led to spending 10 years in a constant environment of being ‘switched on’ that resulted in chronic adrenal fatigue. Matt shares how he became more and more disconnected from his body until such point he hit rock bottom and had to leave the army to salvage a relationship with his partner.

Self-confessed trauma nerd, Matt provides a fantastic framework for explanation that is super clear and practical. Just because you’ve not served in the military doesn’t mean that you’re not carrying your own trauma in your own system. Matt goes really deep and explains how trauma is less about the actual event itself and more how you and your body receives trauma. He also goes on to explain how breathe work is a powerful tool in releasing trauma.

What makes this a fascinating conversation is the real-life examples Matt draws on to make trauma real. He’s a super caring guy and you can really feel his journey and passion to want to help others in the way he speaks

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