#125 Rita Franchina – Human side of digital marketing

Take a crash course into the world of digital marketing, with Perth based expert Rita Franchina

Rita shares her journey from training as a journalist to moving into marketing at exactly the right point to learn the skills to capitalise from digital marketing from its early beginnings. She then tells how she stepped out to create her own business so she could add greater focused value to her clients.

Rita deep dives into the merits of the various online platforms and opens up about the process she takes her clients through to get the most out of their advertising spend in terms of new leads and sales – you will learn about the key questions to work through when considering digital marketing.

What shines through in this conversation is just how passionate and committed Rita is to helping businesses succeed through digital marketing in a focused and ethical manner. She is super knowledgeable and this conversation does a lot to shine the light of clarity and direction into a world that can be confusing and impenetrable.

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