#126 Kelly Brown – Dogs, learning from man’s best friend

Learn more about man’s best friend and the behavioural science behind dog training with acclaimed dog trainer Kelly Brown.

Kelly shares how she put a hugely successful global career in oil and gas behind her to follow what was her true passion, working with dogs and their owners, and create a successful business for herself.

Kelly explains in detail the underlying philosophy behind her training methodology which is based on rewards-based reinforcement rather than punishment. It is as much about training the owners, and what is possible, as it is the dogs. She also provides some fascinating insights into the hard-wired nature within different breeds and how to work with, rather than against, this.

What becomes super clear from early on, is that there is so much to learn from Kelly not just about managing dogs but crossing over to children, friends and people around.

Kelly is super knowledgeable and she does a wonderful job of distilling all of her knowledge into an a easily approachable conversation.

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