#127 Michael Hilliard – Crash course in Geopolitics 101 

Take an immersive deep dive into geopolitics with the host of The Redline Podcast Michael Hilliard. The Redline Podcast is a Perth based podcast that provides specific briefings on some of the most pressing geopolitical issues that aren’t be focused on by mainstream media.

Michael shares how the podcast is the product of his own experiences of actually travelling to unstable and war-torn countries to speak to the everyday people on the ground to understand their point of view.

Michael does an excellent job of condensing his extraordinary wealth of knowledge and information to provide a summary of the major forces in play in in geopolitics (US, Russia and China) as well as the three major faults lines across the world currently – you would be hard pressed to find such a focused insight anywhere else on the internet. He also provides a compelling argument as to why it is so important to understand these things on an individual level and how they effect your everyday life.

Michael also strongly recommends the key approach to further geopolitical knowledge for anyone is to move away from ‘the what’ to ‘the why’ to truly understand geopolitics in any situation.

What shines out for me in amongst what can be a wealth of anxiety provoking information, is that from his journeys Michael has seen and experienced how through our humanity we are all the same with the same basic needs and desires despite the country we live in – there is no ‘them’ and ‘us’ which the mainstream Orwellian type media would have us believe.

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