#130 Nic Hayes – Discerning Media Consumption

Take a deep dive into the current world of media with Nic Hayes, Founder and Managing Director of Media Stable.

Nic shares how he spotted an opportunity in the changing media landscape to create Media Stable, which actively links experts and their views with media outlets to produce informed and trusted content.

Through this conversation Nic provides an insightful commentary of the full range of media platforms, from traditional forms of print, TV and Radio through to online and social media, as well as the changes in our consumer behaviour. Interestingly Nic explains how, through a growing erosion of trust in social media content, there is the potential for people to return to the more traditional forms of media once they gain more awareness of the often-questionable credibility and decide to become more discerning media consumers.

We also spend time discussing the impact of content that is aimed at giving people what they WANT versus giving people what they NEED, as well as the importance of real human relationships and interaction.

Nic is a wonderfully engaging as well as knowledgeable man, which makes this conversations both entertaining and thought provoking, and leaves the listener with the challenge to consider a more discerning consumption of media in day to day life.

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