Episode 64 - Andrew Dunlop

#64 Andrew Dunlop – A journey back to self

Did you ever go travelling when you were younger and now miss that sense of complete freedom? Do you have a yearning to pack it all in and follow a more spiritual path? In this conversation, Bryn talks with Andrew Dunlop who after a very successful career decided it was time to open himself up to the universe and follow a less structured and more spiritual path.

Andrew has been travelling for over a year and a half and has not just covered the globe but has journeyed deep within his self in topics such as the relationship with family, sexuality, masculinity and a lot more. While Andrew’s journey per se may not be for everyone, the learnings he shares can be taken on board by everyone – particularly learning to trust your self and your capability.

Journey with Andrew at:

Email: dunlopaj1982@gmail.com

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