#90 Erin Lane – The Real impact of meditation

Listen to a real-life story of how the practise of meditation has the power to enable someone to bring about significant life changes with Erin Lane.

Erin, a single mother who now works as a bus driver here in WA, shares how through the introduction of meditation 6 years ago, she was able to overcome her personal history that held her in a cycle of drink, drugs and a toxic relationship.

Erin tells of the pivotal moment of how she was able to see the repeating ‘film tape of her life’ that she was stuck in and how she realised that her life didn’t have to be that version and that she could write a new story with new options for herself.

Erin goes further talking about her journey with meditation, at the two centres of Perth Meditation and Mandurah Mediation, and the many broader benefits it has brought her particularly in her own self-confidence, parenting and work.

This is a raw and real story with a very courageous woman that really underlines the power of this practise as well as the fundamental impact the stories we tell ourselves have in how our life maps out and how we can rewrite them.

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