#91 Wayne Bradshaw – Fathering

To quote this week’s guest, CEO of the Fathering Project Wayne Bradshaw, “you often make an effort to learn new skills when it comes to your job, but when was the last time you learnt new skills relating to how you father you children?”.

And so this week we go deep on fathering and father figures [a subject so very close to my own heart] and how The Fathering Project, through its focus on linking dads together at their children’s school, is providing the well needed structure into the whole conversation of fathering among men and how to step up into the role.

This isn’t just about fathering, it’s about better outcomes for children through real and honest father figures that will influence and shape the next generation of Western Australians and Australians at large.

Wayne is a wonderful unassuming man who has a such a strong sense of community and giving back and it is through this that he makes such a strong impact.

Wayne dishes up many studies and examples to back up the focus of the work but you only have to listen to him to know that the direction of the Fathering Project just makes so much sense from a deep level of knowing.

He also leaves the listener with some very tangible and straightforward steps to take action and step up within your own fathering

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