#95 Steve Choate – The explorer who gave it a crack!

Go exploring with Steve Choate as he retells how he and a friend walked unsupported for 35 days travelling 650k through the Great Sandy desert with 5 camels during 2018.

Steve, the product of a family of adventurers, shares how the adventure came about, the months of camel training and the sheer logistics that went into even getting to the starting position.

Once on the journey, Steve tells about the daily routine, the threat of rutting bull camels in the area and the immensity of being in such an isolated part of the country and world! He also shares how this was as much a journey within as it was across a desert and how he was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of others.

This is a hugely engaging and enlightening conversation and as Steve says ‘It’s amazing just what we’re capable of when we just give it a crack’!

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