#96 Julia Grintsina – The path past body image

This week we follow the journey of Julia Grintsina from Estonia to Western Australia, from the depths of a body image obsession to serving others to pull themselves out of their own pit of despair through her coaching company Reveal Coaching.

Julia shares how unresolved issues from her childhood played out first in sedation through drink and video games and then in the ‘healthy’ pursuit of gym training that soon went too far. She then tells how circumstances lead her to the realisation of the impact of her actions and how she overcome the baggage that was weighing her down.

We discussed how physical training can be a real gateway to greater ‘work’ if supported in a more considered manner and Julia passionately explains how she is focused on helping others who display similar symptoms through specific support and guidance.

This is a very honest and brave share of a personal journey. It is made brave by the complete ownership of the journey by Julia despite the sources and synchronicities that played their role. I believe currently the world needs to reflect on more journeys like this so that a deeper understanding of the human experience can become normalised within our community. Bravo!!

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