#97 Belinda Dennis – Building Bindi Nutrition one step at a time

Go behind the story of local endurance sport nutrition company Bindi Nutrition with Founder and Director Belinda Dennis.

Belinda, originally a practising vet, tells the story of how her refusal to accept the standard sugar laden products was the original inspiration to create her own endurance sports nutrition that she went on to sell and build Bindi on.

Drawing heavily on her science background in veterinary science, Belinda shares how she has built Bindi applying the same methodology that got her to the Ironman World Championships – that being methodically focus on one task in front of you, complete it and then move on to the next one.

She also tells about continually refining the products, building a loyal local customer base and competing with the ‘Big Boys’ of the sport nutrition market.

Belinda is wonderful and family orientated lady whose focus and go forward attitude was absolute treat to tap into.

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