#98 Tash Kelly – Law of Attraction

This week we deep dive into the Law of Attraction with Tash Kelly, who creates workshops, events and individual sessions for people to explore their ability to consciously create for themselves.

Tash takes time to explain and expand on the Law of Attraction.  She tells of her personal journey and events that lead to her firm belief in her ability to consciously create as well as sharing how she actually goes about consciously manifesting in her own life.

Central to Tash’s explanation is that aided by contrast, life is a learning experience and that manifesting is about actually allowing things and events to happen. She repeatedly puts forward the need to trust in yourself and overcoming our intense need for control.

Tash also talks about her 20/20 Vision and ‘The Gathering’ event that she is creating which will be at Optus Stadium on 22/02/20 and will feature spiritual leaders from all around the globe consciously creating in one large circle of people.

It was a real privilege to be in the space of someone who is so open and trusting of herself, events and life around her – there is so much to learn in this conversation about letting go, trusting yourself more and allowing life to flow.

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