It is my fundamental belief that within every individual lies a wealth of golden life nuggets that have the potential to significantly impact the lives of those around us.

Hi I’m Bryn. From an early age knew there were easier ways to navigate life and ever since I’ve been a sponge for life lessons and wisdom.

Following a number of epiphanies and life events, in 2017 I decided to pursue the oldest form of learning – that being listening and learning from those around you who have ‘been there and done it’ – and created WA Real podcast, which features long form conversations that deep dive into the real stories of some of the most fascinating and inspiring people in WA to unearth ‘golden life nuggets’.

Their stories aren’t the glossy manicured ‘feel good’ stories that are served up on mainstream media; they are the real stories full of human complexity and contradiction that you can connect to and learn from.

WA Real has been consistently sharing over Real stories every Monday morning since mid 2017.