VISION: Conscious living among the population of the state of Western Australia, and beyond.

MISSION: Harness Human Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom to increase conscious decision making and creation – Getting REAL.

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute – Close your eyes and just imagine for a moment what that would look and feel like across all aspects of your life if that where the case……………………

Get it now?

Powerful aye?


Selection of the oldest form of Human learning – connecting and listening to the Human journeys, stories and experiences of others.

Create and Share a growing repository of Real Human experiences, perspectives and story that can be freely explored.

Individual exploration of the repository will:

  • Provoke deeper contemplation of individual identity, values, beliefs, behaviours and perspective across all areas of life.
  • Reveal the greater nuances and patterns that occur through the human experience.

Resulting in:

  • Greater clarity and expansion of individual perspective, appreciation of the Human Journey and understanding of individual and collective identity.
  • Greater awareness of the approaches, tools, methods and support to further personal expansion.

Leading to the ultimate desired outcome of increased conscious decision making, creating and therefore living.

THE VEHICLE: WA Real Podcast – Creating the space for expansive, nuance based long form conversations from a variety of individual viewpoints and perspectives across the 4 main games of life:

  1. Health and Well-Being
  2. Relationships
  3. Expression of Purpose (Business and Production)
  4. Connection to something Bigger than Yourself


Firstly, pick an episode – not sure which one to start with? Send me a message with 3 things your interested in and I’ll send you a recommendation.

Then Listen. Listen with spaciousness

Then within that spaciousness, observe and get curious.

Observe what:

  • What sits easily for you?
  • What is a stretch?
  • What triggers you?

Now get curious and ask Why you observed what you observed.


(Need an exploration partner to assist and guide you – send me a message, it’s what I’m called to do).


  • Freedom of Expression, Speech, Thought and Contemplation.
  • Faith in Human Spirit  and ‘something bigger than me’