Episode 74 - Amy White

#74 Amy White – Male and Female Energy

Take a deep dive into the true nature of male and female energy, and how they interact, with transformation coach Amy White. This is a truly profound conversation that provides a deeper understanding to the underlying ebb and flow (or ‘storm’ and ‘rock’) that plays out in all relationships.

Amy explains her journey to becoming a transformation coach and how she ended up on the stage for 3 hours with Tony Robins at his Date with Destiny event sharing the inner details of her dysfunctional relationships past and present.

It was at this point she was confronted with the very real realisation that the only person responsible for all of this was herself as she was cycling through all her relationships with the same negative patterns – which she candidly shares. From this pivotal event, Amy has taken responsibility for her journey, exploring many bodies of knowledge to better understand her own journey.

It is this wisdom and learnings, some of which is shared in this conversation, that she draws on to serve and help others.

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