Episode 39 - Barry Magliardhiti

#39 Barry Magliardhiti – Master the Inner game, Dominate the outer game

In this powerful and focused conversation, acclaimed business coach Barry Magliardhiti, and founder of the Game Changers, provides a great insight into how he became a business coach and shares some of the learnings from his experience to master our inner game so we can dominate the outer game.

Barry talks about limiting beliefs, how we’re shaped by our unconscious choices and survival of past experiences as well as how our external reality matches the way we chose to show up in life.

Bryn and Barry also go deep on what being happy in life means and the achievability of the ideal ‘work life balance’ and what that actually means on a workable basis. This conversation is packed with learnings that the listener can immediately consider in their own life to make meaningful changes.

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