Episode 73 - Becky Felstead

#73 Becky Felstead – Align to your impact

Becky Flestead, former photo journalist and now Head Coach at Subiaco F45 gym shares her journey to finding her true impact in the world. Becky talks about her pride at landing her first photo journalist job and her desire to become a spot photo journalist, but how the reality and demands of this role conflicted with her true essence and impact.

This realisation led to a real dark night of the soul period that Becky is very open about but through this she found her way to enrol to become a physical trainer and coach. It is through this new direction she has found her true impact and you can really feel it as you listen to her.

This is a very engaging, energetic and insightful story that takes some bravery to share. It is also an absolute gold mine of life lessons about the journey towards the best version of you through focusing on the impact that you can share with the world.

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