#89 Carmen Braidwood – Maintaining community through radio

Take an insight into the world of radio broadcasting with news presenter and breakfast show host Carmen Braidwood. Carmen tells how her taste for performing at school was the catalyst for her career. She talks about how she’s drawn to the ‘Olympics of live broadcasting’ that is breakfast show radio as the ultimate test and expression of her and all her capabilities.

Self-confessed change junkie, Carmen gives insights into the nature of the broadcasting industry, how her mindset has aided her to meet the challenges of career setbacks, how she is able to consistently be present and show up with high energy levels as well as the future of radio and media. What is of particular interest is how, from her traditional radio training, she has embraced new mediums that have come from the digital space, like podcasts, as well how she sees radio as a key element in maintaining a sense of community, particularly talk back radio, by bringing people together through shared experience. This was a super entertaining and energetic conversation with a fantastic lady who continually looks to the future as a sea of endless possibilities and opportunities.

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