Episode 50 - Casi Zackhariyas

#50 Casi Zackhariyas – My Pursuit of Peace

Follow the truly mesmerising journey of Casi Zackhariyas. Casi was a superstar of the global corporate environment leading multi-million-dollar product launches in the girl’s toy sector.

However, this success was actually the result of workaholism that was a coping mechanism covering up a dark memory that was hidden so deep it took an extraordinary set of circumstances to consciously open it up again.

From deep depression, planned suicide and with the support of an amazing partner, Casi committed fully on to the healing journey that took her around the world including the Amazon jungle and India.

During this journey, Casi actually had multiple near-death experiences where she encountered the divine and from which she returned with messages to support the journeys of others. Confronting and powerful, there is so much that we can all resonate to and learn from in this journey.

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