Episode 62 - Dale Tilbrook

#62 Dale Tilbrook – Bush Food

Enjoy an encyclopaedic deep dive into our Western Australian native bush food with specialist Dale Tilbrook, owner of Maalinup gallery in the Swan Valley. Dale provides insights into traditional aboriginal food and eating habits, how and where Aboriginal people migrated during the year for food as well as traditional farming methods.

She provides guidance for typical bush food we can easily look for as well as where to go to learn more within this very wide topic area. There is a further discussion about how bush food can be added to traditional west recipes as well as re-shaping recipes themselves. Dale also gives a commentary on the current state of the bush food industry. It becomes quite clear from this conversation that the state of Western Australia has more to offer our diet than we realise and tap into.

Forage for Dale at:

Website: http://www.maalinup.com.au/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/maalinup/

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