Episode 85 - Dave Clare

#85 Dave Clare – Prophet for Purpose


The source of our power in life comes from our ‘why’ or purpose, so join me today as we deep dive into understanding this source with Dave Clare. Dave is an author, speaker and leadership coach with a mission to create and inspire 90,000,000 purpose driven leaders in organisations across the world. Dave shares how the catalyst to where he is today came early in his banking career, when a key leader saw something in Dave which he himself couldn’t at that point. Dave ties passion and purpose to essentially finding the problem that resonates down to your deepest core, so much so that you’ll be relentless in wanting to solve it for others. Dave puts forward how when organisations and individuals work from a place of purpose, they are on average 40% more productive. He shares how he is able to hack the strategy and culture on an organisation towards being purpose driven through his three key pillars and how demise of any organisation is set as soon as they switch their primary focus from fixing the customers problems to serving the profit sheet and shareholders. What is most impressive is the clarity and simplicity that Dave presents working on purpose and how so critically important it is and how easy it can be.

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