Dr. Angel Alessandri and Bryn Edwards

#20 Dr. Angel Alessandri – Connecting with Humanity

Dr. Angela Alessandri shares her journey as consultant clinical paediatric haematologist/oncologist at Princess Margaret Hospital. Angela talks very openly about her personal journey to becoming a doctor, connecting and being present with humanity in the most challenging of circumstances and the process of breaking the news of a cancer diagnosis to parents. She also shares the personal impact and toll caused by the role and how this has reshaped her future focus and views on how to treat patients. This is a very confronting conversation in places, but worth the journey to reflect upon our own mortality so we can live the most fullest life.


  1. Dr Angela, I’m not sure if you remember me but my name is molly Hatton-hunch. I was two when I was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma. You were my doctor and you have left a huge positive impact on me. I think about you often and have tried to get in contact but not sure if my information got sent through to you. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family, I’ll forever be so grateful.

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