Episode 45 - Dr Richard Walley

#45 Dr Richard Walley OAM – Consider everyone around the waterhole

Bryn has a wonderful conversation with Dr Richard Walley OAM, a Nyoongar man and one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal performers, musicians and writers, who has been a campaigner for the Aboriginal cause.

Richard talks about how elders around him identified and cultivated his individual strengths and talents and how he continues this on in the numerous boards and committees he’s been asked to preside over.

He also talks about decision making and not only considering everyone ‘around the watering hole’ but also recognising that we make the best decision at a point in time and following your intuition. There are also many other beautiful insights into a different view point and culture that provides much food for thought.

For more on Richard – http://www.aboriginalproductions.com.au/richard-walley/

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