Episode 78 - Dr. Steven Bright

#78 Dr. Steven Bright – Journey into Psychedelics

Learn about the world and use of psychedelics with psychologist, thought leader, research pioneer, policy advocate and senior university lecturer Dr. Steven Bright.

Steven shares how his desire to impart evidence to inform and shape the bigger public discussion about drug use and policy was the catalyst for him to take the career risks, in the world of conservative academia, that has got him to where he is today. He also talks about his more hands-on support work at large festivals and events through ‘pill testing’ and ‘trip sitting’.

Steven provides a detailed, insightful and amusing history of man’s relationship with psychoactive drugs and why we are drawn to their use. Steven talks about a key part of his current work – the trials and use of psychedelic assisted therapy for PTSD, depression and anxiety; which is truly fascinating. Steven and Bryn also have a in depth discussion about the mystical element of psychedelics and where they ‘take’ people to. Steven provides a wealth of information, mixed with passion, in an area that is becoming more and more of interest to people who wish to expand their horizons and perspectives.

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