Episode 79 - Eddie Harran

#79 Eddie Harran – Your relationship with Time

Take time to listen and reflect on one of life’s deepest guiding fundamentals – Time – with time expert, Eddie Harran. Eddie talks about how and why exploring time, as a fundamental that underpins life, has become his passion in his effort to impact humanity for good. He introduces the concept of Time Literacy, how we talk about time and the words we use that reveal our core guiding beliefs regarding time.

He introduces terms such as “Time Blindness”, “Time Sightedness” and “Time Health” as well as how there are many times at play through the Greek terms Chronos (objective time of the watch) and Kairos (subjective time of the moment or action). Eddie also puts forward how time can be perceived as a resource as well as a navigation tool.

For all these terms and concepts Eddie discusses how they show up in life and take effect. Eddie and Bryn also discuss the potential role and impact of focusing on time literacy in personal transformation and bending time to access the wisdom of both your past and your future. This is a hugely thought-provoking conversation on a topic that we seldom take time to reflect upon and yet is so fundamental to everything we decide and do.

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