Episode 83 - Garry Bryan

#83 Garry Ryan – Breathwork: how you do life

Journey into the powerfully transformative effects of your own breath with breathwork specialist Garry Ryan of A Living Journey.

Garry talks about his own journey to finding breathwork and the powerful effect it has had on his own life. He explains how as a practise breathwork moves your mind out of the way to allow your body to heal itself and also exposes ‘how you do life’.

From his broad experience, Garry goes into details of

– how he observes patterns from childhood play out and reveal themselves in adult life,

– how by asking ourselves ‘who’s driving the bus?’ reveals the hidden programs and emotions that take over much of our lives, and

– how bringing light into the darkness of what we hide is key to removing limiting beliefs and patterns.

This is a very deep and powerful conversation with a man who has been called on a higher level to his work.

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