Episode 63 - Georgina Terrana

#63 Georgina Terrana – Find yourself in ice cream

Being true to your creative spark is the key theme of the story behind the creation of Roho Burre, the hugely successful vegan ice creamery in South Fremantle, as we talk with founder and owner Georgina Terrana. Georgina shares her realisation of how ‘following the money’ in a corporate career was constraining her creativity having a negative impact on her relationships and being.

She goes on to explain how she acted on this realisation and followed her instinct to create Roho Burre and build it to what it is – a place where all the boundaries of the simple enjoyment of ice cream are removed. Georgina’s groundedness and honesty shine through in this conversation, she openly shares her vulnerabilities and deep connection to family as her guiding posts through her journey – you can’t help thinking that it is this authenticity that underpins her success.

Enjoy an ice cream with Georgina at:

Website: http://www.rohobure.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rohobure/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/roho_bure_vegan_icecream

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