#68 Gosia Gorna – The expansive clarity doctor

In a case of who’s interviewing who at times, Bryn has a very deep and ranging conversation with visiting UK Transformation Coach Gosia Gorna. Gosia talks about her work as a ‘Clarity Doctor’, the journey which leads her to her work as well as the story behind the development of her ‘Expansion Game’ Method, which she successfully uses to transform your greatest fears into your greatest successes.

Gosia goes deep on topics such as tuning into your intuition, the power of future scripting, human expansion, heart connection and trusting that the universe ‘has your back’.

There is little doubt about the connection Gosia has with her intuition, it’s fascinating to listen to where that connection has taken her and what that has brought into her life. There is so much to learn about trusting yourself and your capability in this podcast, and you learn as much about Gosia from her answers and you do the questions she flips back on Bryn and the answers she elicits from him.

Tune into your intuition with Gosia at:

Website: http://www.gosiagorna.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GosiaGornaCoach/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gosia.gorna/

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