#88 Jarrod McKenna – A man of belief and faith

Enjoy a hugely thought-provoking conversation with pastor, activist and globally recognised nonviolent social change trainer Jarrod McKenna. To use Jarrod’s own words, throughout this conversation while you get to ‘know less about him personally, all of him is present’.

From the start we get into it covering numerous ideas, issues and topics that include:

– the state of the Australian national identity

– being real about what’s going on around us and acknowledging the ‘Canary birds’ in our society

– what is Grace?

– the number of questions Jesus posed throughout the bible

– the value of engaging in considering something bigger than yourself

– taking stock of who do you actually look up to shape your desires

– and much much more

This conversation will stretch and expand you perspective in all sorts of directions – it certainly did me on a very deep level.

It was a true pleasure and privilege to speak with Jarrod and be in the presence and energy of a man who truly lives by his beliefs.

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