Episode 58 - Josh Richards

#58 Josh Richards – Going to Mars

Speaker, author, troublemaker Josh Richards shares his journey and mindset to become one of a 100 astronaut candidates shortlisted from 200,000 for the Mars One project that proposes to land the first humans on Mars in a one-way journey.

Josh talks about how his childhood and time in the Army shaped him for where he is now, his decision making behind applying to Mars One, the recruitment process and how the mission would shift human consciousness. In what is the most extreme detachment – from family, friends and planet – he goes deep on how reconciling his decision has focused his everyday life, relationships and state of being to new levels.

Josh’s focus and outlook are impressive and infectious, his perspective beyond himself is truly admirable and impressive. You don’t have to have to sign up for a one-way journey to Mars to learn many many lessons from this conversation that you can use in your everyday life to ‘amplify the colour in it’.

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