Episode 72 - Jurgen Van Pletsen

#72 Jurgen Van Pletsen – Own your own shit and take responsibility!!

Engross yourself with this energetic and, at times, confronting deep dive into the entrepreneurial mindset with mentor and business growth & marketing specialist Jurgen Van Pletsen. Jurgen shares his own entrepreneurial journey from school in South Africa to moving to Perth and how he’s continually expanded himself embracing successes and hard learning points. This conversation really cuts to the heart of the human essence of becoming the best we can be. Jurgen gets really fired up and shares his passion towards putting yourself out there into uncertainty, testing yourself and finding out what you’re made of as well as owning your own shit and taking responsibility for all aspects of life. Jurgen argues that you’ll never get the most out of life until you have tried building something for the benefit of others. This conversation isn’t for those who find it easier to blame external forces as Jurgen really typifies some of the core WA Real principles.

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