Episode 42 - Lars Richter

#42 Lars Richter – Do what’s authentically right for you

Enjoy following the intriguing journey of Lars Richter. Yoga instructor, organic vegetable grower, bow maker, transpersonal coach – throughout his story it’s fascinating to hear how unafraid Lars is to making changes, follow what just feels right and be open to new possibilities from a pragmatic perspective.

Originally from East Germany, Lars shares how he saw the Berlin wall come down, how East Germany changed, how he left the safe world of engineering to follow the world of yoga and how that has led to Australia, organic vegetable production, coaching and now bow making workshops.

He talks about how pain is a gift, releasing trapped energy in the body, going beyond the everyday masks we wear and being present and creating something real and beautiful through bow making.

Find Lars at:

Website – http://narrativeyoga.com.au/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/narrativeyoga/

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