Episode 81 - Marcelo Mesquita

#81 Marcelo Mesquita – Intense Health

Prepare to get intense and focused on the true nature of exercise with Marcelo Mesquita, owner of Intense Health, which fuses world-leading scientific research with cutting-edge technology to create a new and very powerful approach to exercise. Originally from Brazil, Marcelo speaks about how after being enrolled at a gym by his mother he was immediately drawn to the buzz of sharing his learning with others to effect change in the life of others and how that was the catalyst to where he is today.

Marcelo also tells how it was the injuries and decline in his own quality of life from following conventional exercise wisdom that forced him to question the overall paradigm and search for ‘another way’. This led him to develop his own HHigh-Intensity Resistance protocol and combine it with cutting edge technology to produce an exercise program that is super focused on only the core essence of exercise and delivers superior results in less time.

This is a fascinating conversation that really makes you reflect on what exactly exercise is, the role it plays in your life and how we need to keep putting our bodies under stress to develop and grow otherwise they atrophy and our standard of life with it.

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