Episode 46 - Oscar Naval

#46 Oscar Naval – Creating or Consuming with technology

Bryn talks with Oscar Naval, Founder of Gizmo Cats which facilitates children to become confident creators of technology and not just users of technology.

Oscar talks about growing up in California and working in Silicon Valley and how he came to Australia. He explains how after speaking with other parents, Oscar discovered that he was not alone in noticing that kids play games with computers but do not understand or appreciate what makes them work – this being the genesis of Gizmo Cats.

He goes onto share his views on education, where technology sits within the children’s development, how the creative process brings many other subjects alive into real life application and how this sets the scene for children, and adults, to learn about their truth.

You can find Oscar at:

Website – http://www.gizmocats.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/GizmoCats/

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